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Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…

Week seven of attachment period is on the way… which is good. We are finally getting to the final stretch. However, i’m finally finally finally getting used to the timing and such… LOL! my life is so screwed up. So, its roughly about less than 20 more days before we end and i have to admit, i’ll miss this period.

meh, not because of the experience… mostly the funny moments and the friendship made. of course, i’m glad i have Zee with me for this round. it’s really a roller coaster ride.

SO! in anyways, i really cant wait for this week to end because it would be the final week that would be the most busiest! after which the final 3 weeks would be quite steady.

Okay, not much updates, i’m quite tired today. *yawns* GOOD NIGHT WORLD!

PS: Kim Jaejoong is still the hottest! AHAHAS! ❤

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;


Off To Eat BimBimBap with my Babats!

Going to lot one now with chatterboxjena and uknowzee! Gonna eat our lifes away! Whee! And after which going home to spend valentine day with Jaejoong. Hahaha!! Kidding!! I’m too fat and ugly for him. xD

Mission Accomplished!

Now that i have done what i need to do, i can now convert my videos~ WHEE!~ and then head to bed. HOHOS! it’s 12am in a few mins and i should get some rest since i didnt get much of a good sleep this morning. BWAHAHAS! GOOD NIGHT HUMANS! 😀

sexy Jaejoong is watching you. (;

#nowplaying: Jaejoong&Yuchun / COLORS ~Melody and Harmony

So So So So Many Things To Do… OMGOMG…

So many things to accomplished within a short period of time! I need to go prepare uknowzee’s birthday present but here i am slacking in front of my desk! omg.

slap yourself AYU!

Alright, no time to lose! today i will need to stop watching JYJ videos and focus on the tasks at hand! omg… AYU WHY AYU! BWAHAHAHAS!

NOTE: uknowzee!! wait for it okay?! just 5 more days to your birthday! The present that i have bought for you has been DYING to meet you! hahas! 😀

#nowplaying – JYJ / I Have Nothing -Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome-