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100th Post! :D

Because Junsu deserve some love! πŸ˜€

Because JYJ deserve some love! πŸ™‚

Because JYJ deserve MORE love! πŸ™‚

Because HoMin deserve love TOO! πŸ˜€


So i dedicate my 100th post to the DBSK Gods! ^^

Enjoy their music, their passion, their life! πŸ˜€

Fighting!~ good night world! πŸ˜›

Signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;


Wherever the wind may blow…

So it’s finally Wednesday night… and it 40 mins time it would be Thursday already. Had dinner with my dearest porkies, Charmaine, Jena and bro Dave! it seems to move so fast! just two days ago i was thinking that the week was just beginning to Monday and now, we’re starting on Thursday! HEH!

So that means i’m only two days away from my long-awaited getaway and i so so so so so soooooo cannot wait for it to come! wahahas! it’s about damn time for me to go to a faraway land!

well… it’s not exactly faraway but, it’ll do! i just wanna relax and chill out like nobody’s business!

Sexy Jae is being S E X Y again. ;)

I’m just gonna lay here and relax~

wahahas! and kim jaejoong is just hot!~ i know i know, for all my posts i keep saying that he’s hot. but he IS my main main bias among ALL my biases from different bands. ahhh~

i’d give up my soul for just 60 seconds to see him. or maybe 30 or 20… damn, it’d give it u for just 5 too! wahahas!

the rumors that JYJ would be coming down to Singapore for the Tony Moly event is really making me very happy! but at the same time, i’m not even sure if i would have the opportunity to meet them.

ANYWAYS, JJ is going for for a solo asia fanmeeting tour and i hope one of the stops would be singapore. but oh well… i just hope he would take good care of himself and be safe always. WHOO! ❀

alrights, Maiyu is going to go get some sleep now. tomorrow is still another 9:00am-5:30pm day. whee~

Sunglasses, Black sexiness. ;)

Look at me, i’m hot. xD

And this was the latest selca of Jaejoong from his twitter. HEHEHE! xD Good night people! i know some of you do read my blog and i wanna let you know that i appreciate it! xD thanks people~ good night!

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;

Love Potion Expired!

The clock has striked 12 which means that valentine’s day is officially over in Singapore. it’s the 15th of February~ Hello Hello~

Heh Heh!!~

So stop being all mushy you humans! Ayways, had a nice walking around just now. and i am almost going to finalize my lists of things that are ESSENTIAL for me to bring when i’m heading off to London in 1month, 2weeks and 1day! I am really looking forward to it. So many new things to try out and so many new places and faces to meet! OHOHOS!

But before that, i’m not quite looking forward for my field trip to a t-shirt printing shop tomorrow with just my team mates for the next nine weeks. Actually, i dont really know anyone of them well, but i do hope we can all get along. ): But i’m grateful that i have Dennis with me. πŸ˜€ wahahas!

Alright, thats all, i need to go to sleep before my wrong number MV runs out.

But before i end, i wanna say, belated Valentine’s Day to all Cassies and to Jaejoongie~~~ I LOVE YOU!! WAHAHAHAS! X: sorry! couldnt resist! LOLOLS! AND THANK GOD THEIR MOVIE WOULD BE RELEASED NEXT WEEK! CONGRATS JYJ! πŸ˜€ Good job! HEHE!


#nowplaying – DB5K / Wrong Number

Finalized Header/Background Image…

Finally, it’s done! I’ve been waiting for a day when i can slowly play with paint and create my own background image and header.


Anyways, tomorrow is like the last day of CRM-CC attachment. Hmm.. i dunno… Mixed feelings? definitely gonna miss the friends we’ve made in there. But there are some things that i wanna forget. BWAHAHAS! Anyways, it’s getting late. I SHOULD SLEEP! πŸ˜€ This post is to just show the new background and header. AHAHA!

Oh Oh!! And the forms for the London Trip has been sent to the teacher! wahahas! Hopefully hopefully hopefully, the director would approve of our absence from attachment for this one in a lifetime opportunity. ONEGASHIMASU! Me and my lovelies has already got everything planned out and if it’s comfirmed 200%, WE DEFINITELY NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES AND STUFFS TOGETHER!! hahahas!

Okay! enough playing!! it’s late!

Saw the article regarding Yuchun having aΒ tightΒ schedule due to the South America Concert of JYJ and his upcoming drama! hopefully, he will take care of himself and not overwork! ><”

Source: DailyKPOPnews

Yuchunnie~ Fighting ah! ^-^v

Okay then, off i go~ Good night world!

#nowplaying – JYJ / W

Thinking About Food…

I know! I know! it’s only 9:33am when i’m typing this down. I already ate breakfast but i’m still thinking about food… for some reason.


IN ANY CASE, these GIF images are not done by me, so without going on any further, CREDITS goes to the creator/uploader of these GIFs. Since i am one who loves using GIFs, i just wanna make it clear.

WAHAHAS! There are some which i’ve made myself, like my Twitter avatar for example! when i have the time, i’d definitely post some of them up. xD

It’s alerady going to be midway of February… How fast can the time pass by man… urghhh…

OK! going for BREAK now. hurhur… and start calling after.

#song in my head: JYJ / Get Ready