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Mission Accomplished!

Now that i have done what i need to do, i can now convert my videos~ WHEE!~ and then head to bed. HOHOS! it’s 12am in a few mins and i should get some rest since i didnt get much of a good sleep this morning. BWAHAHAS! GOOD NIGHT HUMANS! ๐Ÿ˜€

sexy Jaejoong is watching you. (;

#nowplaying: Jaejoong&Yuchun / COLORS ~Melody and Harmony


So So So So Many Things To Do… OMGOMG…

So many things to accomplished within a short period of time! I need to go prepare uknowzee’s birthday present but here i am slacking in front of my desk! omg.

slap yourself AYU!

Alright, no time to lose! today i will need to stop watching JYJ videos and focus on the tasks at hand! omg… AYU WHY AYU! BWAHAHAHAS!

NOTE: uknowzee!! wait for it okay?! just 5 more days to your birthday! The present that i have bought for you has been DYING to meet you! hahas! ๐Ÿ˜€

#nowplaying – JYJ / I Have Nothing -Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome-