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The final TWO weeks begins next week!

SOOOOOOOO… attachment is finally finally going to end. andddddd life would go back to how it used to be. school life once more for another 18 weeks plus? and den… what? i’m done with Poly life. HOMG! and den what am i supposed to do next? hmmm…. god knows.. i’ve yet to plan ahead for now.

So, i’m actually wishing it was friday today. seriously!! i’m so freakishly tired these days. been sleeping early… like, 10plus 11? and i’ll be asleep already. heh!

SO SO! news came out that Jaejoong might be releasing a solo album! OMGGG… I IZ EXCITED CANZ?! i mean… like seriously?! one full album filled with only his voice?! HO SEXY BO?!


YES, i will be looking forward for his solo album when it comes out. so, CJES, HURRY HURRY HAYAKU HAYAKU! hmm~

lols!! and his twitter hit 1million followers! so, CONGRATS JOONGIE! hehee!

alright, imma go and get some rest now. i’m so sleepy ahhhh~ good night world! :DD

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;


So, its Tuesday. Hmm…


Mr Kim Jaejoong, how can u just smile and be able to make me melt?!

Wahahas. So humans, its tuesday night and thr beginning of the week is finally over. Tomorrow is Wedneday yay! Halfway through the weekdays!

So so so, i finally told my mom that i’m going to Batam this weekends and she approved it in a cute way! She said no to me last night, but this morning at 5:35am she was typing a draft message to send me later to say that she actually will let me go! Wahahas. And she accidentally sent it on the spot. So, yay sleepiness and hello Batam approval! Lol!

My mom is just so cute.

Anyways, have a good evening humans! Imma go off now. Hehe!

PS: look at that hot man at the top! Its my wallpaper and screenlock screen for my phone! Hehe. So cute!! Cannot get enough of him ah. Serious!

Good night humans!