[HQ PICS] 121005 “Jackal is Coming” Stage Greeting Event at Busan International Film Festival

THIS MAN, even with a black sweater, looks so yummilicious!! wahahas! KIM JAEJOONG, FIGHTING!


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[Summer Spazz] Jaejoong Wearing Wifebeaters

WHY ARE YOU SO HOT, MR KIM? Stop breaking my heart. ): hahas! ❤


According to the lunar calendar, Bok-Nal, the month-long weather pattern that brings the hottest part of the year to Korea, began on July 18th, 2012, on Cho Bok, first summer,  to be followed by Joong Bok, mid-summer, on the 28th, and Mal Bok, end of summer, on August 7th, lasting 21 days.

Since it’s summer, there’s an excuse It’s time to do a spazz picture post of Jaejoong wearing wifebeaters!



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[TRANS] “No Gain” Lyrics Written and Composed by Kim Jaejoong

the lyrics~ awww… ): i love Jaejae and his talents!!


“No Gain” is a track from Xia Tarantallegra album written and composed by our dearest Kim Jaejoong.  During “The Day” theater visit, Jaejoong sang a bit of this song.  Listen here (click play):


잠시만 모든걸 다 잊고 멈추어
for a moment I forget everything and stopped

너에게 받았던 기억을 되새겨
I ruminate on the memories I had from you

한동안 잊었던 내 마음의 불꽃을 (불꽃을)
my heart’s fireworks that I had forgotten for a period (firework)

너에게 들려주고파
I want to let you hear it again

내 가슴의 내방이 좁아져 가나 봐
seems like the inside of my heart is becoming narrower

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