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[EDITORIAL] Ultimate K-pop Survival Guide: JYJ

Survivors through and through. (: ❤ you guys!! JYJ fighting!



By Xiaolong:

K-pop is an extremely competitive genre, a small country with a population of merely 50 million people produces new artists literally almost every day. The industry is like a ruthless stepmother: once you make a serious mistake, it might cost you your career and more.  Career ups and downs are normal in an artist’s life but in K-pop, once you reached the lowest part, it is very difficult to climb up the mountain again. Ultimate K-pop Survival Guide will be a short series on artists who have managed to turn their failing career from point zero back again or who had gone through a lot of hardships and still managed to remain successful. Not only rookie artists but we, the audience, can also learn a lot from them.

Avoid them as if they were lepers

The first installment of the series is dedicated to perhaps the biggest survivors of…

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To: The End of Poly Life. And the Beginning of…

So, on the 22nd of February was the of my poly life. As i was reading through my dead blog posts, i realized that i’ve been nagging about how long it was til the end of the poly life. and now, i’m finally here. heh!


So the last four days of exams was …. hmm… ‘interesting’. it’s amazing how the mind works to stuff chapters after chapters of information into your head within 24 hours of the exams. but heck it. its done, I’ve done all i can for the exams, and now, i’m free! all that has to do is to wait for the results and to find the next course in my life.

But as of now, i’m just like… taking it easy and just do nothing at home. been playing loads of games so far. anddd…. i would need to clean up my room… My shelf of interests are collecting dust and i believe my Predator desktop deserves so loving and cleaning up after being with me through 2 years of projects!! all the late night staying up and typing things into word documents and hoping it would make sense to the lecturer. HAHA!

So… thats the end of the 3 years of exessive mugging, project meetings and attachments. looking back, its amazing how much have gone through these past 3 years. i mean.. YEEEE HAAW!~ so many memories, good and bad and moments that are just worth fighting for. 

And the friendships made, i know some of which i would be able to count on from time to time, and there are some that i know would be able to be with me throughout the rest of my life and some would eventually fade away, i believe.

But whatever it is, i think i am quite happy with everything that i did or went through in the 3 years of poly. it’s been a fulfilling one and yeah. sooooo…. yup!

kay, thats all. i just needed time to spare since im waiting for my hair to dry up before going to the living room to continue playing my Star Ocean – The Last Hope / International. ^^ thank you for hearing me rant!

100th Post! :D

Because Junsu deserve some love! 😀

Because JYJ deserve some love! 🙂

Because JYJ deserve MORE love! 🙂

Because HoMin deserve love TOO! 😀


So i dedicate my 100th post to the DBSK Gods! ^^

Enjoy their music, their passion, their life! 😀

Fighting!~ good night world! 😛

Signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;


SO… the weekends are here! hohohos! so its saturday now.. and i’m chillax-ing at home. catching up on Cryaotic’s and Pewdie’s videos and also watching the Walking Dead series. heh! my brother says its nice, so yeah. i’ll try watching. BWAHAHAS!

So, i’m left with two more weeks of attachment. but since i’m gonna have my 4 days off. i’m left with about… 5 days left! but there’s PLENTY of work to be done next Monday and Tuesday. so no sleeping late on Sunday night den.

HOWEVER! Sunday i would be going swimming with le relatives! SHOULD BE! Well, its been awhile since i’ve went swimming… so it should be good. HEH! should be!

Okay, that’s it! sorry for the short post. LOL! sorry, i’m really quite tired… andddd… i’m gonna be busy now… needa do work! LOL!


Credits to: JYJ Official Facebook!

Congrats again baby Jae! Congratulations for the 1 000 000 followers on Twitter! Fighting dear!

Happy JaeJae is HAPPY!!

The final TWO weeks begins next week!

SOOOOOOOO… attachment is finally finally going to end. andddddd life would go back to how it used to be. school life once more for another 18 weeks plus? and den… what? i’m done with Poly life. HOMG! and den what am i supposed to do next? hmmm…. god knows.. i’ve yet to plan ahead for now.

So, i’m actually wishing it was friday today. seriously!! i’m so freakishly tired these days. been sleeping early… like, 10plus 11? and i’ll be asleep already. heh!

SO SO! news came out that Jaejoong might be releasing a solo album! OMGGG… I IZ EXCITED CANZ?! i mean… like seriously?! one full album filled with only his voice?! HO SEXY BO?!


YES, i will be looking forward for his solo album when it comes out. so, CJES, HURRY HURRY HAYAKU HAYAKU! hmm~

lols!! and his twitter hit 1million followers! so, CONGRATS JOONGIE! hehee!

alright, imma go and get some rest now. i’m so sleepy ahhhh~ good night world! :DD

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;

Aahh…. Joongie, even angels from heaven would come down just to see you. Fighting JYJ!! Fighting Jaejoong!!


I came to Haeundae  Busan where the International Film Festival was held. Rather than seeing the actors/actresses with my own eyes, I wanted to watch the greeting stage more. Friday, there were many greeting stages Haeundae. In order to see Kim Jaejoong, many female fans were there very early.

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