A lazy lazy Sunday afternoon.

So… it’s a Sunday today. Slept through the morning like nobody’s business. wahahas! I watched Resident Evil Damnation yesterday night before i go to bed and HOMG!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO MAKE LEON SO SO SEXY?! wahahahas. he looks so badass with that jeans. ~_~ wahahas!

i did watched Resident Evil Retribution about a week ago. It was cool. very game-ish concept. nice nice. HEH! But i kinda dont like the guy that portrayed Leon. he didnt look like Leon at all. But it was not bad. they had his signature black t-shirt. HOHOHOS!

IN OTHER NEWS~ i’m damn excited for RE: 6! HOMG!! i love love this because we can play as Leon again! YAYS!

I mean i love RE:5… but my bias character is definitely Leon!


So here’s a random photo of Leon again. WAHAHAS! how can they make a cartoon character so hot? xD yeah yeah, i know a lot of people would say that they actually used Dante from Devil May Cry 4 as a model for him. i mean, clearly i see the similarities between Dante and Leon. whoohoo~

So, today would be the last day i would be having my free time as i’d be jammed pack for the next two weeks. next week would be my holiday trip! and the next following week would be the expo event again. omg… i bet i’m gonna be sooooo tired that i cant even sing a song anymore after that.

LOL! i kid. i can’t sing for peanuts. 

So….. i’m gonna spend it wisely today watching Criminal Minds, catching up more on any resident evil updates. Reading my 50 shades. :O! speaking of this!! FYI, i am in love with the trilogy! i’m currently on the last book and since i’ve been addicted to watching Criminal Minds. hahas! i have so many things i wanna watch, read and listen but life in attachment in so busy too.


but that doesn’t mean i wanna finish reading the book. but i’m doing it slowly. HEHE!

SOOOOOOOOOO… the reason why i love Criminal Minds is…




he is such a nerd in the series! but i still love him! he’s so different from the other agents and he is super duper intelligent! and he look better and better with each season. i’m currently in season 4 and he looked soooooo fine! a model! no wonder! HEHEHES!

So yup, thats all the update! now, i’m gonna enjoy my afternoon~!! hehe. ENJOY yours too!

Signing off,

Kim Maiyu. (;



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