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Reasons for you to stay and some for you to go.

IT’S THE END OF THURSDAY!! FINALLY~ and in one more day day, i would be in a getaway land! STEADY AH!

So, i hope tomorrow will be a fast day. whoooohooo!~

okay, so done. ~_~ sorry this would be a very short post. kinda busy tonight. HEH! 😛 good night sweethearts~ or maybe there would be another post later. HEH!

so here’s JYJ for you. xD

Sexy boys being sexy! wahahahas!

Want a present from the hot guys?


Wherever the wind may blow…

So it’s finally Wednesday night… and it 40 mins time it would be Thursday already. Had dinner with my dearest porkies, Charmaine, Jena and bro Dave! it seems to move so fast! just two days ago i was thinking that the week was just beginning to Monday and now, we’re starting on Thursday! HEH!

So that means i’m only two days away from my long-awaited getaway and i so so so so so soooooo cannot wait for it to come! wahahas! it’s about damn time for me to go to a faraway land!

well… it’s not exactly faraway but, it’ll do! i just wanna relax and chill out like nobody’s business!

Sexy Jae is being S E X Y again. ;)

I’m just gonna lay here and relax~

wahahas! and kim jaejoong is just hot!~ i know i know, for all my posts i keep saying that he’s hot. but he IS my main main bias among ALL my biases from different bands. ahhh~

i’d give up my soul for just 60 seconds to see him. or maybe 30 or 20… damn, it’d give it u for just 5 too! wahahas!

the rumors that JYJ would be coming down to Singapore for the Tony Moly event is really making me very happy! but at the same time, i’m not even sure if i would have the opportunity to meet them.

ANYWAYS, JJ is going for for a solo asia fanmeeting tour and i hope one of the stops would be singapore. but oh well… i just hope he would take good care of himself and be safe always. WHOO! ❤

alrights, Maiyu is going to go get some sleep now. tomorrow is still another 9:00am-5:30pm day. whee~

Sunglasses, Black sexiness. ;)

Look at me, i’m hot. xD

And this was the latest selca of Jaejoong from his twitter. HEHEHE! xD Good night people! i know some of you do read my blog and i wanna let you know that i appreciate it! xD thanks people~ good night!

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;

So, its Tuesday. Hmm…


Mr Kim Jaejoong, how can u just smile and be able to make me melt?!

Wahahas. So humans, its tuesday night and thr beginning of the week is finally over. Tomorrow is Wedneday yay! Halfway through the weekdays!

So so so, i finally told my mom that i’m going to Batam this weekends and she approved it in a cute way! She said no to me last night, but this morning at 5:35am she was typing a draft message to send me later to say that she actually will let me go! Wahahas. And she accidentally sent it on the spot. So, yay sleepiness and hello Batam approval! Lol!

My mom is just so cute.

Anyways, have a good evening humans! Imma go off now. Hehe!

PS: look at that hot man at the top! Its my wallpaper and screenlock screen for my phone! Hehe. So cute!! Cannot get enough of him ah. Serious!

Good night humans!

Early Nights; Dreadful Week Ahead, Captain.

My darlings!~

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share a bed with these guys?

It’s sunday night and i’m gonna be in bed in a moment because why? because tomorrow is the starting of another week…. urghhhh… i’m soooo not looking forward to this… but what to do.. but the good news is that we would have about 4 weeks + to the end of the attachment. HOMG! please let it end. )’:

soooo…. anyways, i tried to update my itouch to IOS 6 but its lagging like a beach. -.- wtf man… it cant even download properly. haix.

Alright, so good night world! have pleasant dreams and a sweet sleep. 😀

signing off,

Kim Maiyu (;

A lazy lazy Sunday afternoon.

So… it’s a Sunday today. Slept through the morning like nobody’s business. wahahas! I watched Resident Evil Damnation yesterday night before i go to bed and HOMG!!! WHY DO THEY HAVE TO MAKE LEON SO SO SEXY?! wahahahas. he looks so badass with that jeans. ~_~ wahahas!

i did watched Resident Evil Retribution about a week ago. It was cool. very game-ish concept. nice nice. HEH! But i kinda dont like the guy that portrayed Leon. he didnt look like Leon at all. But it was not bad. they had his signature black t-shirt. HOHOHOS!

IN OTHER NEWS~ i’m damn excited for RE: 6! HOMG!! i love love this because we can play as Leon again! YAYS!

I mean i love RE:5… but my bias character is definitely Leon!


So here’s a random photo of Leon again. WAHAHAS! how can they make a cartoon character so hot? xD yeah yeah, i know a lot of people would say that they actually used Dante from Devil May Cry 4 as a model for him. i mean, clearly i see the similarities between Dante and Leon. whoohoo~

So, today would be the last day i would be having my free time as i’d be jammed pack for the next two weeks. next week would be my holiday trip! and the next following week would be the expo event again. omg… i bet i’m gonna be sooooo tired that i cant even sing a song anymore after that.

LOL! i kid. i can’t sing for peanuts. 

So….. i’m gonna spend it wisely today watching Criminal Minds, catching up more on any resident evil updates. Reading my 50 shades. :O! speaking of this!! FYI, i am in love with the trilogy! i’m currently on the last book and since i’ve been addicted to watching Criminal Minds. hahas! i have so many things i wanna watch, read and listen but life in attachment in so busy too.


but that doesn’t mean i wanna finish reading the book. but i’m doing it slowly. HEHE!

SOOOOOOOOOO… the reason why i love Criminal Minds is…




he is such a nerd in the series! but i still love him! he’s so different from the other agents and he is super duper intelligent! and he look better and better with each season. i’m currently in season 4 and he looked soooooo fine! a model! no wonder! HEHEHES!

So yup, thats all the update! now, i’m gonna enjoy my afternoon~!! hehe. ENJOY yours too!

Signing off,

Kim Maiyu. (;


[Summer Spazz] Jaejoong Wearing Wifebeaters

WHY ARE YOU SO HOT, MR KIM? Stop breaking my heart. ): hahas! ❤


According to the lunar calendar, Bok-Nal, the month-long weather pattern that brings the hottest part of the year to Korea, began on July 18th, 2012, on Cho Bok, first summer,  to be followed by Joong Bok, mid-summer, on the 28th, and Mal Bok, end of summer, on August 7th, lasting 21 days.

Since it’s summer, there’s an excuse It’s time to do a spazz picture post of Jaejoong wearing wifebeaters!



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