[TWITTER] 120213 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Jaejoongie, please don’t get depressed or anxious… your fans are all here supporting you all the way! ): whatever the obstacles, we’ll be here for you!! cheer up! )):


[TRANS] as i grow older, i feel increasingly uneasy. it scares me that time just slips by like this. the times where (we) can’t meet are increasing. i don’t want to grow further apart from my younger self/when i was young. i detest myself for thinking of all these. but what i hate most, is the uneasy feeling thinking of whether (our/my/?) hearts are growing apart.

[TRANS] i don’t know what i’m saying right now… today… all sorts of complex feelings… i don’t want to be saying “i’m alive” just because i’m still breathing (T/N it means he wants something to live for. he wants his life to be of meaning) i need to work hard… must work hard… 

Credit: @mjjeje

Translation:  PrinceJJ

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