Just Today. (:

As i updated just now, i went to far east plaza to buy my jeans for the half shift attachment which will begin from next week til another 9 weeks before we will go back to normal schedule of going to tutorials and lectures. So, when we first reached Lucky Plaza, we couldnt find the shop that sells extra LARGE jeans… I AM NOT SKINNY! I AM VERY FAT FAT FAT! seriously! ๐Ÿ˜€ ANYWAYS, this was the first picture i wanted to upload of myself! but i couldnt upload it just now!~ WAHAHAS!


So yeah, we couldnt find the store until my brother decided to go levis and buy his own pair of jeans. after which the nice salesgirl there helped us to locate the store. and so, the shopping spree began! so in the end i bought 5 jeans and 5 blouses. which is damn mmmmuch! lols.

okay so now… after that we headed down to paragon and went to TOYS R Us, me and my brother became 3 years old kids again. WAHAHAS! and i found a star wars light saber, WHICH i wanted to buy. LOL! and bobo stopped me from buying. AWWWW.. ):


and then i saw this doll… IT WAS ALMOST THE SAME THING THAT SOME FAN SEND OVER TO Jaejoong for a present i think. He tweeted it this evening too… when i saw it i was like.. :O! den -.- why would a fan send him this?

*Blythe doll????*

And i saw this cute dragon coin bank! which mom bought for my elder brother.. But blue in color though!

Baby Baby Dragon, FLY!

After which, we had dinner at Swensen’s Ice Cream Buffet! WHOOO!

My Dessert, Bitter Chocolate Gelato and Hazelnut Gelato with Almond Shavings With Chocolate and Butterscotch Syrup. YUM!

My Starter: Clam Chowder Soup in Bread.

Maind Course: Wagyu Beef Burger with Fries. ๐Ÿ˜€

So yes, i practically ate like a pig!

And now i’m in front of my desktop watching TVXQ / JYJ videos. WHAT A LIFE!

Anyways, tomorrow i need to head down over to Lucky Plaza once again to collect my altered jeans. WAHAHAS!


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