Finalized Header/Background Image…

Finally, it’s done! I’ve been waiting for a day when i can slowly play with paint and create my own background image and header.


Anyways, tomorrow is like the last day of CRM-CC attachment. Hmm.. i dunno… Mixed feelings? definitely gonna miss the friends we’ve made in there. But there are some things that i wanna forget. BWAHAHAS! Anyways, it’s getting late. I SHOULD SLEEP! 😀 This post is to just show the new background and header. AHAHA!

Oh Oh!! And the forms for the London Trip has been sent to the teacher! wahahas! Hopefully hopefully hopefully, the director would approve of our absence from attachment for this one in a lifetime opportunity. ONEGASHIMASU! Me and my lovelies has already got everything planned out and if it’s comfirmed 200%, WE DEFINITELY NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES AND STUFFS TOGETHER!! hahahas!

Okay! enough playing!! it’s late!

Saw the article regarding Yuchun having a tight schedule due to the South America Concert of JYJ and his upcoming drama! hopefully, he will take care of himself and not overwork! ><”

Source: DailyKPOPnews

Yuchunnie~ Fighting ah! ^-^v

Okay then, off i go~ Good night world!

#nowplaying – JYJ / W


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